Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Road Shrapnel

The Cambridge House Brew Pub in Granby, CT is quite nice. I went for lunch yesterday, and treated myself to a flight of their beers.

Blitzkrieg, Kolsch, IPA, ESB, and Stout. The Blitzkrieg was made with German yeast, English malt, and American hops. It was a nice concoction. The stout was full of roasted malt, giving it a smokey coffee-like bitterness, which helped it to win a silver medal at this year's GABF.

After my flight and spinach salad, I headed back to my car. The delivery guy, who had been unloading various foodstuffs while I was sampling beers, pointed out my flat tire.


I get out my jack, tire iron, and spare, and get to work. I get three out of four bolts off, when I notice the fourth is not like the others.  Hmm.

The delivery guy tells me it's a knot. There should be a piece to attach to the tire iron which will fit the knot. If it's not with the other tools, it's in the glove box. Right he was, in the glove box was my knot unknotter. Thanks again.

As I'm taking care of the last bolt, an old man gets into his Cadillac to leave the pub. He slows down and lends me some empathy and good cheer.

"At least it's only flat on the bottom!" He says. I point out that that's the part of the tire which most needs to be round. "I owned a Civic once. That's a great car." Unfortunately, no car is immune to flat tires. "I suspect that's true. Have a great day!"

Flat off, spare on, I head inside to wash up and get some direction. I tell the bartender my situation. "Yeah, I saw you out there changing the tire. There's a shop a mile up the road that will fix your flat for free." Well hot damn. Fix it for free they did.

Say what you will about people in New England. I got a nice sense of community from people I encountered yesterday.

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