Friday, October 2, 2009

Here are some student comments from my course last spring.
Some of these won't make it into my application materials.

  • You were great at communication! Thanks!
  • Awesome. This is the most organized class i'm in with the best email communication between myself and a professor. I love how I can see my grade as well.
  • Homework was the hardest part of the course. It was rare that I could complete it myself without visiting office hours or going to the engineering help session. The amount of homework assigned was usually reasonable, but sometimes the problems were far too tedious and time-consuming.
  • It was often annoying to have a quiz every week, but I think it made me review the material after I had finished the homework. I think I retained more information because of them. I do think that they should be 5% of our grade and homework 15%
  • I have always liked the format Prof. Kronholm's exams. They cover most of the material which makes it worthwhile to prepare for every possible topic. Also, the exams avoid the often arduous calculations found in the homework and focuses on understanding the material instead.
  • you should give a bandana to the highest and lowest scorers in the class
  • Joking with the teacher always makes math class more fun.
  • Bill Kronholm is AWESOME!! He's my favorite! 
  • Very effective use of colored chalk...
  • Thanks for being so patient in your office hours.
  • Great class! I usually don't enjoy math classes very much, but I will miss this one very much. I invested a lot of time working for this class, but it was worth it because I learned a lot. 

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