Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Projects

This unordered list is more to help me get my head together about all the things I would like to accomplish this summer than it is to entertain my reader(s).

  • Build a yogurt maker
  • Update the Whittier College Mathematics Department webpage
  • Hammer out the code for computing relevant homology groups for the math/art project this fall
  • Silk screen a design, or combination of images, onto the garage "wall" (This one is joint with Patty!)
  • Write my PEGP
  • Translate Ehresmann's 1934 paper on homogeneous spaces from French to English
  • Apply the contents of afore mentioned paper to my own work, if possible
  • Develop the Math/Art course for the fall
  • Learn how to weld
  • Build a 3D printer
This may be an ambitious list, but after a weekend at the Maker's Faire, ambition is running high.

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