Monday, January 11, 2010

Day one in SF

We arrived in SF without too much of a hitch. Our plane had to wait for a parking spot at SFO. The plane that was taking our space had a passenger encounter a medical emergency and was delayed. Hard to feel too bad about that.

We trekked across the airport to ride the BART to Powell St. At the first stop after the airport, two men got on board and they didn't have pants on. They had boxers, to be clear, but no pants. Strange for what must be considered cold weather (45 deg F) for Californians.

At the next stop, three more pantsless men climbed on board. Then even more at the next, this time a mix of men and women sans pants. By the time we arrived at Powell St., our BART car was filled with pantsless people and we had to push our way through to get out.

Me: Excuse us. We're getting off
Pantless Woman: Make some room, they need to get off!
Me: Thanks!
PW: No problem! Enjoy San Francisco!
Me: Thanks! Enjoy being pantsless!
PW: We will!!

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