Thursday, September 24, 2009


The Swarthmore Co-op is lacking many of the things I expect from a posh uppermiddleclassorganicgrocerystore. The most obvious and painful omission is the bulk food section. It's just not there at this co-op. The members like their food organically grown, pesticide free, non-GMO, and wrapped in as much packaging as possible. Or so I am left to deduce, anyways.

What they do have is a bin. Inside, one can find unattractive but still tasty fresh food. If after the 4500 mile journey from Chile to Pennsylvania a $2/lb. gala apple develops a cosmetic defect, into the bin it goes. Or if that bag containing three heads of double washed organically grown California romaine lettuce happens to have a date stamp that says Tuesday and today is Wednesday, you'll find it in the bin.

When I patronize the Swarthmore Co-op, the bin is the first place I head.

Today's haul:

- two bags of "baby" carrots
- a pint of cherry tomatoes
- two hot peppers
- a zucchini
- lots of apples

"Lots" here means "enough so that the total weight of bin food is 13 pounds." Applesauce is on the to-make list tonight.


  1. I lost you at that bin. Came back. You were still loading apples into our hand cart. I said, you ought to get another cart. And you did.

  2. Easiest applesauce:

    Peel and slice apples into a slow cooker. Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup water (depending on how big your slow cooker is and how many apples you use). Season to taste (I like cardamon for a more exotic -- and traditionally Swedish -- taste). Cook on low heat 6 or so hours until apples turn to mush when stirred. I've started this before bed and woken up to warm applesauce. Yum!